You'll find these black foods simply amazing

Rainbow colored foods have long been popular around the world, but for those whose taste in colors is more solid or dark, the black foods we picked below could surely be a lot more appealing!

Black rice

Black rice looks just stunning (Photo: / Tony Prats)

Black ice cream

Ice creams usually come in many colors, from the white vanilla and lemon ice creams to the brown chocolate versions to the fruit flavored ones, that come in all of the colors of the rainbow. Yet, there was one color that had been missing from the ice cream shops, and this was black.

But a few years ago, it became so popular that nowadays there are black ice-creams available almost worldwide. The ingredient that makes this icy dessert look so stunning is in fact activated charcoal. While you might expect this ice-cream to be really intense in taste, actually it usually has a mild, yet enjoyable coconut flavor. Still, who would not love to taste this highly Instagrammable treat?!

Squid ink pasta

Squid ink pasta is just what its name says. The squid ink is a kind of coloring agent that is most frequently used for pastas, and it produces a really dark and spectacular black color that can turn any pasta even more interesting and appealing. But what's even more interesting is that squid ink is thought to contain many nutrients and a quite good amount of antioxidants.

Chalkboard cookies

Not only black foods, blackboard themed creative ideas are also quite popular nowadays. So, as it was quite predictable, chalkboard cookies with edible chalks quickly became popular after showing up on the internet. Black food dye is a common ingredient used for the chalkboard part, while candy tubes can be used as chalk.

Black sushi rolls

Black sushi rolls is made from a natural black rice, also called as Forbidden rice, and it looks quite fantastic. Otherwise, the ingredients are more conventional, such as different kinds of vegetables, the nori seaweed wrappers, which are also quite dark in color, and fish, egg or seafood.

Black bread

Black breads and black hamburger buns are just as popular as other kind of black foods. And around Halloween time, clack buns and breads surge in popularity, due to their dark and unusual looks. The first black breads appeared in Asian regions, where they started using bamboo charcoal as the coloring ingredient of these incredibly black delicacies.

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February 2019