5 plants that can purify the indoor air

According to NASA Clean Air Study, some common indoor plants can help us get rid of some toxic agents - such as formaldehyde, benzene or ammonia - in our living spaces. This means we can actually make an important step to have a healthier home by sharing it with certain plants.

Magic custard cake: An amazing, yet easy dessert

This layered magic custard cake is not only a delicate dessert - it also looks fantastic, and it does not take much time and skill to bake it. The ingredients are nothing special either - in fact, you may already have all of them at home.

7 of the most breathtaking landscapes on Earth

Most sailors keep off these mysterious waters if they can!

Seas have usually been regarded as mysterious, inconceivably large and deep places that could hide unknown beasts and unpredictable dangers.

What does the color of your room tell about you?

When you take a glimpse of somebody's home, you may be able to figure out many traits of the person living there - from the way the floors are decorated, from the presence or absence of plants, books, animals or little figures, and even from the type and design of the furniture.

How does music affect your health?

Although there are individual differences among the preferred genres, the way we find pleasure in listening to music is a common trait in most of us.

These two herbs are not only useful, but also decorative

While many of the most common herbs have a rather humble appearance, others can be used as ornamental plants in the rooms, gardens or on the balconies thanks to their wonderful flowers. Below we introduce two lovely herbs that you can easily grow at home!

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