Wonderful Christmas lights and candle holders you can make at home

Pretty lights and warm candlelight are usually regarded as essential parts of Christmas celebrations, but you can always make them even more personal and even more creative. Below are a few great projects you can do at home that will enlighten your Christmas room decoration!

Christmas lights

Pretty lights are essential parts of the winter season (Photo: pixabay.com / StockSnap)

1. Mason jar lantern

Mason jar lanterns look awesome and they're quite easy to make, yet, they won't cost you a fortune. All you'll need is any kind of mason jar you think would look nice, a set of Christmas garlands that work with batteries, and a few strings if you want to hand the lantern somewhere. Once you gathered all the necessary things, you can start assembling the lantern: get the lid off, put the garland - already switched up - into the jar with the batteries placed into the bottom part, then close the jar with the lid. If you'd like to hang the lantern, tie the strings onto the jar on each side, and once the lid is on, make a knot above the jar using the two ends of the string you tied onto the jar.

2. Hanging sphere candle holder

Hanging candle holders are also fantastic decoration ideas, and they are extremely easy to make. All you have to keep in mind is to always use "fake", LED candles instead of real ones if you have a plastic sphere, or if it's placed near any flammable objects. You'll need a hanging plastic sphere and a LED candle, and once you placed the latter into the sphere, you're basically ready. You can even put these spheres onto your Christmas tree.

3. Turn a CD rack into a stylish lamp!

This minimalist looking rubber band lamp can have dozens of different looks - thanks to the bands that you can arrange however you want to. You'll need a CD rack, a Christmas tree wring kit, small wood blocks, a hot glue gun and a LED bulb to start with. First, drill 3/8-inch hole into the center of the CD rack where you'd like the bottom of the lamp to be, then put the brass nipple and screw retainer nut and the rubber bushing in place. Then you can insert the cord and the socket base, as seen in the video below. Glue the four wood blocks onto the bottom part of the lamp. When it's done, you can screw the LED light bulb in the socket and place the ribbons around the lamp.

4. Cinnamon candle holder

Cinnamon is one of the first spices that can come into our minds when thinking of the winter season, and Christmas in particularly, so this cinnamon candle holder can be a chic way to upgrade your holiday room decoration. You'll need cinnamon sticks, rubber bands, strings, a candle in a glass holder and a pair of scissors for making this lovely decoration. First, find several cinnamon sticks that are of the same size, then add a rubber band to the middle of the glass holder. Place the cinnamon sticks loosely, so they almost cover the outer surface of the glass, but be sure to leave space for the string. Wrap the string around; wrap it on the front, then on the back of the sticks, and go on until you reach the starting point, then go the other way around, and once done, tie a knot and cut the ends of the string. Repeat it with a few more pieces of string on the upper and bottom part of the candle holder. Always keep an eye on the candle holder when using it, and don't put it near any flammable objects.

5. Make your own 3D shadow box card!

Making your own Christmas shadow box is easier than you may think, and it surely looks awesome! You can create any image you like, all you need to do is to try and divide it into 4-5 layers, which you have to cut out of paper, then attach to styropor sticks and glue them together. You can also add a "poked" layer beneath the image, so it'll give the effects of a starry sky or falling snow. Once the layers are together, make a cardboard box, place LED lights at the back, the layers at the front of it, then close your cardboard box. Basically, it's ready, but you can decorate it is you wish. It's advised not to keep the lights on while you're not in the room to keep an eye on your shadow box.

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October 2018