What does the color of your room tell about you?

When you take a glimpse of somebody's home, you may be able to figure out many traits of the person living there - from the way the floors are decorated, from the presence or absence of plants, books, animals or little figures, and even from the type and design of the furniture. But did you know that even the color of your favorite room can tell a lot about your personality?

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Colors used in your home can tell a lot about you (Photo: pixabay.com / darkmoon1968)

The colors around us can affect the emotions we feel, the mood we have, and - to some extent - even the way we behave. Green color, for example, can help in relaxing and has a calming effect, while according to a 2013 study, the color of the vending cup can alter the way we taste the hot chocolate in it - with orange cup being the best at enhancing the flavor and aroma of the beverage. On the other hand, some traits, feelings and symbols are commonly associated with a particular color - for example, we usually associate nature with green or brownish, love and passion with red, and summer with orange and yellow tones.

Although there are many practical reasons why one chooses a color - like choosing bright tones to make a small room appear bigger, or using one particular color that harmonizes with the furniture a family already has -, most of the times the choice says a lot about the homeowner's personality, emotions and lifestyle. Below is a list of the most frequently used colors and the traits that can be associated with them!

Red: Exciting personality who loves to be at the center and enjoys other people's attention. Can be a little self-centered, oversensitive or insecure, but is really passionate and dedicated when it comes to family, relationships and causes he/she finds important. Fun fact: It's been observed that red color may increase the heart rate.

Black: A strong, individualistic and determined personality, who may seem a little aloof, but whose charming, simple elegance is definitely attractive in the eyes of others. Another trait that can be associated with black is creativity.

Orange: An ambitious personality, who is ready to follow his/her dreams and take the first steps when sees a chance of making things better. While seeing even some of the hidden opportunities in his/her life, is also a cheerful and easy-going person prone to enjoy life's small wonders.

White: A precise, collected and clearly thinking mind, who values purity, honesty and balance in every aspect of life. Most often will try to use both his/her mind and brain when making decisions in daily life, and can be a real polymath - or at least has many kinds of hobbies and interests.

Yellow: Basically a cheerful and optimistic personality, who loves to enjoy life as much as possible. This kind of easy-going mindset is compared with kindness towards humans and animals, which may be the reason he/she is not at all afraid to take responsibility when needed. Fun fact: Studies have shown that yellow color may increase the excretion of serotonin, and this way can help in lowering the risk of depression by a little. On the other hand, bright yellow rooms can be overwhelming and may even lead to an almost opposite effect.

Violet: One who prefers serenity to harsh laughter, wisdom to pedantry, compassion to pity and nobility to luxury... Though can be overly shy, he/she is a loyal friend and a devoted family member, who gives what is one of the most precious gifts of all: his/her time and attention. Fun fact: Studies found that the color violet and purple may be able to improve problem-solving skills.

Green: Loves nature and respects all forms of life, and is eager to grow emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. Beside being a real adventurer in some cases, also values times of peace and relaxation, preferably with a book in the hand or some good music on. Fun fact: To our eyes, green is one of the most pleasant colors, which in fact may also have some calming effects.

Blue: Reliable, loyal and gentle, perhaps a little melancholic, who likes to get lost a little in the emotions and thoughts he/she finds interesting. Despite being a dreamer and a thinker, can be really accommodating when a loved one needs help.

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May 2018