These forms of art will surely please your eyes

Art is something that can say something personal for each of us, and even though artworks can have some hidden messages, there are lots of inspiring feelings and thoughts that are only there because of the way we interpret the works of art.

Origami art

Arts can be really lovely to think about(Photo: / Ulrike Mai)

Below, we'll show you some forms of art that will surely make you feel uplifted and inspired, and if it wasn't enough, it's almost sure that you'll find some real emotional and intellectual treasures as you're trying to get into the piece of art.

1. Origami

Origami is a world-famous Japanese technique that uses merely paper to create complex and artistic shapes. It's basically the art of folding the paper, and beside the wonderful traditional shapes, today there are hundreds of great origami artists who create something that's unique to their style.

2. Ebru

Ebru painting is a kind of visual art that uses water and special inks that are floating on water. The artist either puts a plain white piece of paper on top of the water or just paints to please the audience, but it's both wonderful to see how the shapes are being born on top of the water.

3. Sand animation

Many know sand animation thanks to Kseniya Simonova, who competed in Ukraine's got talent using this technique a few years ago. Actually, there are other artists in the world as well who are using this technique, and the audience usually loves to see how one shape turns into another on the lit glass table.

4. Resin art

Resin art is a fairly modern kind of art, and it's using a kind of resin to create different kinds of objects. Sometimes it's used for jewelry, other times it can be used to create nice furniture, but there are times when resin art is merely used to create wonderful pieces of art.

Anita D.

November 2019