These cute sounds will cheer you up instantly!

Some sounds are so irresistibly cute that they instantly cheer us up and warm our hearts - and here we collected some of the loveliest of them all! From the adorable squeaking of tiny animals to the joyful and cheerful giggling of babies, these sounds will probably make you smile.


Baby bats are just adorable when they start squeaking! (Photo: By Wcawikinfo - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Desert rain frog

Desert rain frogs are cute and chubby, almost like tiny little balls with eyes and small feet. But not until they start squeaking almost like a dog toy do they show their maximum amount of cuteness! Their high-pitched cry is actually for warding off other creatures they "consider" as dangerous. Unfortunately, they can't ward off their biggest enemy - habitat loss is a real threat to the species, and it doesn't help much that their habitat is a relatively small and narrow strip along the coastline in Namibia and South Africa.

Laughing twin babies

What happens when one of four twin babies start laughing? Well, it seems that this leads to an instant avalanche of smiles and giggles: as the other siblings join in the cheering, the laughter seems unstoppable. And thanks to the video taken of the quadruplets, we can now also - in some ways - "join in" the fun.

Baby sloths

There are not many animals cuter than baby sloths. Their perfectly round heads, huge eyes, pretty noses and comically slow movements make them extremely popular among those fond of cute creatures. But just wait until they start making noises - there are hardly any person on Earth who don't find them sweet then!

"Snoring" hummingbird

This snoring hummingbird went viral, and it's no surprise - the tiny bird makes adorable sounds while it's seemingly sleeping peacefully. Actually, the hummingbird is not really sleeping, but is waking from a kind of mini-hibernation.

The small bodies of these birds are extremely vulnerable to the changes of the temperature, and to "heat" themselves, hummingbirds need a crazy amount of energy - most of which they get from the sugary nectar of plants and the protein-rich insects. But on cold nights, not even these foods provide them enough energy, so they need to reduce their life functions to help them in efficiently using the amount of energy they store.

Waking from a mini-hibernation takes a few minutes, and the bird seen in the video is in fact trying to wake up. During this process, it involuntarily makes the sound that stole the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people.

Squeaking fruit bat

It's no question that fruit bats are quite cute with their puppy-like faces and huge eyes. But there's one thing that makes them even more adorable, and it's their gentle, high-pitched squeaking. They sometimes even squeak when their muzzles are still full of fruit, which can be a hilarious sight. At other times, they will just use their voice to communicate their satisfaction and friendliness, or as a tool of social bonding.

Anita Diós

July 2018