These are some of the craziest reactions to lemons

Lemons taste great, at least when you put them in tea, desserts, soups or several kinds of foods and beverages. Yet, only the bravest taste it by itself - or those who had been tricked!

Woman eating lemon

Lemon is one of the trickiest foods (Photo: / engin akyurt)

This adorable dachshund doesn't know what to thinks about the lemon

This sweet dachshund seems to go mad at the lemon once he tastes a lick of it, however, still decides to try it again. Perhaps it's kind of a love and hate relationship between him and the sour fruit - it may taste interesting enough to catch the dog's attention, yet, it's quite unpleasant to actually taste it.

The cat is not impressed

Not at all! This cat seems to be very suspicious when a lemon is presented to him. Well, if he already tasted it, the hesitation might not be without a reason, but either way, his reaction is quite funny. He just hates the lemon so much he can't even stand the sight of it!

This baby is curious enough to taste the lemon three times

This baby seems to totally freak out for the first time he tastes the lemon, but then he is ready for another bite, and then one more. Perhaps it's just that he somewhat liked the taste aside from the extreme sourness, or that he became excited about the novelty of this strange food.

This parrot thinks lemons are more than OK

After all the mixed feelings and hatred, lemons can now finally have a supporter. This rescued parrot seems to enjoy munching on the lemons, and probably she thinks it tastes more than fine.

This rabbit seems to like lemons too

This lovely rabbit tries lemon for the first time, and he doesn't even want to be separated from it. Yet, once he had a mouthful of it, he just changes his mind, and seems to get interested in something else instead. That is, bathing himself, of course!

Anita Dios

May 2019