These are probably the most romantic cities in the world!

Many big cities around the world have a sublime and lovely atmosphere, especially on warm summer evenings when the dim lights of the street lamps are reflecting on the statues and walls. There are some cities though, which are usually associated with love, romance and passion - and taking a trip to these places with your sweetheart can be both a lifetime experience and a wonderful gift.


Venice has 118 small islands that are are connected with several canals and more than 400 bridges (Photo: / 12019)


Seeing Venice in so many romantic films is no coincidence at all! This Italian wonderland is surrounded by water, which provides a really pleasant sight when the reflection of the warm lamplight is floating among the waves under the starry sky at night. The city has 118 small islands that are are connected with several canals and more than 400 bridges, and the main way of transportation is still sailing, mostly using the traditional gondole. The reputable buildings, eye-catching bridges and wonderful statues just add to the enthralling atmosphere that fills all the little streets and canals of Venice. It might also be interesting that some linguists believe the name of the city originates from the word "love" (wen), and has Indo-European roots.


France itself is one of the most "ideal" places for lovers to spend time with each other and to cuddle under the evening stars, perhaps take a walk in the sunset - but it's also unimpeachable that if love has a capital, it must be Paris... Whether it be the city's passionate history, the perky waves of the Seine or the centuries-old buildings and fine architecture, Paris is truly an enchanting city.


Verona is famous not only as a beautiful and culturally rich Italian city, but also because the story of Romeo and Juliet, one of the most renown love stories in literature, is set in Verona. The atmosphere of the romantic drama can clearly be felt when taking a walk among the antique houses.

One of the most famous buildings in the UNESCO World Heritage Sight is in fact the Casa di Giulietta, also known as Juliet's House. Although it has nothing to do with the drama, the similarity of the name of the owners (Cappello family) and the fictional characters (Capulet) was enough to create a beloved tourist attraction. Many lovers visited the building, because it is said that pairs who leave a declaration of their love at the house will be together forever - this is why you may find little love notes on the walls. It is not at all recommended though to stick notes to the walls, and authorities hope that the huge fine will discourage people from further damaging the structure.


Florence is another Italian city famous for its refined architecture and romantic atmosphere. Today, it's the capital city of Tuscany, and back in medieval times, it was an important center of European trade and finance. We can still see the signs of the once fabled wealth when roaming the streets. Art is still an organic part of Florence, and the tender harmony of the statues and historical buildings can lift your heart - making the city a wonderful place for lovers to discover and share their feelings.

Anita Diós

June 2018