The cutest reactions to magic tricks

Seeing something unexpected and inexplicable amuses many of us, which is basically the reason we like magic tricks. While most adults usually try to hide their amusement, the unmasked and honest expression of surprise on the faces of children is especially charming and sweet to see. Below are some of the cutest reactions to magic tricks!

Magic tricks

Most children are amused by great magic tricks (Photo: / PublicDomainPictures)

From the first months of our lives to our very last days, we like to use and "train" our brains - much like the way birds and mammals find enjoyment in using their muscles to playfully fly or gallop around. And this is no surprise, considering that the real power of humans is the ability to think complexly and in a sophisticated way. To refine our skills, we need to train our brains, just as animals keep themselves in shape by using their muscles for playing.

While babies are amused by "tricks" as simple as a Peek-a-Boo game, where people and objects seemingly disappear and reappear, as children age, they discover more complex puzzles, and become uninterested by those they already figured out.

Older children still like magic tricks, however, because it makes them think - we all like to search answers for unbelievable and inexplicable things. And, after all, it's the search for explanations, and not the answers, that keep us thrilled when seeing a magic trick. Another reason we love these tricks is that we like to believe in magical and wondrous things.

After all, it turns out that some animals might feel thrilled by magic tricks almost as much as humans - and it's no surprise that animals caught amazed by card tricks and puzzles are the ones we consider to be more intelligent than other species.

Apes, for example, seemingly react with the same enthusiasm to magic tricks as humans. If you don't believe it, take a look at the videos below!

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Anita Diós

June 2018