Opchiucus horoscope - What is an Opchiucus like?

(November 29 - December 17)

The Ophichius - even though it's debatable that it's a zodiac sign - is not a polar sign concerning personality traits, and it does fall somewhere in between Scorpio and Sagittarius, just as it does come between the two in time. If your zodiac sign is Ophiuchus, then in many means, your personality is a harmonical and rich mixture of passion, stubbornness and creativity (which can also be associated with the Scorpio-like traits) and gentleness, cooperativeness, and also, graciousness.

Opchiucus horoscope

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General horoscope for the Ophichius

Good luck usually follows the Ophiuchus, which makes it easy for him/her to achieve great things in life, and find opportunities that are crucial for an outstanding and unique life path. Even though the Ophiuchus can be kind of stubborn and way too assertive sometimes, his/her natural sense of harmony will always help when there's time to switch to another mindset. The Ophiuchus can be really great at switching from "work-mode" to "family-mode", and he/she can also be a fantastic partner. Having said that, when the Ophiuchus is not concentrated enough, it can be hard for him/her to make these switches, so he/she may get too dominant in love or too authoritarian with the family.

This means it's very important to pay attention to the actual situations he/she is in, and even though it can be tiring sometimes, the Ophichius should never life his/her life as a routine. Each and every day, and every situation in his/her life requires a different approach, and that's something that will make the life of the Ophiuchus interesting, unique and one that can never-ever be mimicked again.

Career horoscope for the Ophichius

The Ophichius can do pretty well in almost any fields and sectors of professional life, but business, creative jobs and perhaps social work can be most close to him/her. It can be a high privilege for him/her when choosing a profession to help others and contribute to the wellbeing of others, or perhaps to make yourself visible and do something that the whole world can be amused at. Sometimes workplace conflicts can make the Ophiuchus kind of upset, but thanks to his/her very diplomatic and cooperative personality, these conflicts will usually be solved before anything bad would happen. Money will not always be an important factor - in fact, sometimes the Ophiuchus may feel as if work was not primarily a way to achieve money, but instead, a way of connecting with others on Earth. Because of this, the Ophiuchus can be a very trustworthy and conscientious colleague, and also, a boss that just about anyone would like to have.

Yet, sometimes he/she can be maximalist, and these are the times when his/her high expectations could cause some trouble or dissatisfaction. It's best for him/her to try and accept the imperfections in life, because beauty is sometimes hidden not in perfection, but in the beauty of the faith of people and things. The Ophiuchus will not always be successful right at the beginning of his/her career, especially not when it's experience that's needed instead of creativity or skills to be successful. Yet, most who were born under the sign of the Ophiuchus will be really successful with their work by the middle of their career path.

Love horoscope for the Ophiuchus

The Ophiuchus is not a helplessly romantic zodiac sign, and nor is he/she someone who will always blow others' minds away. Yet, he/she is most likely someone who can make everyday life fantastic and colorful in a relationship. He/she knows just when to be kind and respectful, and when to do something extraordinary and exciting. Also, as he/she can become strongly bonded to certain people, a relationship can seem almost sacred to the Ophichius, and the one he/she loves can be more important for him/her than almost anything in life.

Making sacrifices is not something that will discourage him/her, but on the other hand, he/she may also want his/her partner to pay as much attention to him/her as possible. With certain people, this can be hard as there are people who prefer to be alone sometimes, or - which is even more problematic - prefer to spend much more time with friends than with his/her partner. Empathetic communication can solve this problem, but surely this can be something that needs some extra work.

Strengths of the Ophiuchus

There are many traits that make the Ophiuchus an outstanding zodiac sign, and it can be both practical and really encouraging to know which are the traits that make you a strong and independent, yet, charming and loving individual. First of all, the Ophiuchus is the master of diplomacy. You can share your ideas and your point of view in a way others will find it pleasing and interesting - yet, when it comes to conflicts you can be the one to end the feud. Your rich imagination and creativity can also be an important talent in your life, and even though you may not always find it easy to deal with the possible rejection coming from those who fail to understand your creative thoughts, most of the times, creativity will be a source of joy in your life.

Not only are you cooperative and charming, but also someone who can be independent and one who doesn't rely on others to know what exactly to do. Also, you can be quite a dynamic and easy-going person sometimes, while you also have a deep and almost melancholic, poetic side of your personality.

Possible weaknesses of the Ophiuchus

No matter how diplomatic the Ophiuchus might be, there will be certain points almost surely when he/she will lose his/her temper and fail to use his/her talents in social situations. This means that you'll probably need to learn how to control your negative feelings before they start to control your behaviour! Thankfully, the Ophiuchus is as much as an intellectual, and as smart and he/she is, it will be pretty easy to understand the underlying mechanisms and reasons of his/her behaviour, and then it'll be just a few easy steps to correct them. Another weakness of the Ophiuchus is his/her extreme fondness of certain people. Sometimes - even when a relationship is clearly coming to its end - the Ophichius will not be able to digest the fact and may cling to a person, or a memory of a person who does not even deserve him/her. And one more thing to watch out for: the Ophiuchus is sometimes very disappointed when something he/she does or plans is not a success, but it's important to understand that nobody is perfect and sometimes we all must accept our weaknesses, as they don't make us worse, but instead, unique individuals.

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