Lenia Garcia Gordo - the woman, who slipped into another universe while sleeping

Most of us wouldn't believe that travelling between universes is possible, let alone easy. But for Lenia Garcia Gordo, it only took a good night's sleep to get into another universe, one that is really similar to that one she came from, if she is right. But is she?

Parallel universe

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Everything started not long before July 16t, 2008. This was the time Lenia asked for help on a forum, because she believed that she woke up in a parallel universe. The 41 year-old Spanish woman said that she went to sleep as normal one evening, but she woke up in a slightly different world - actually, another universe as she thinks.

Most of the things seemed just fine for the Spanish lady, but there were certain differences that made her suspicious.

To begin with, her bedsheets were of a different color than previously, and also, the whole set was different from what she remembered from the previous evening.

But she had to go to work, and so did she rush to her workplace. At least, that's what she intended to do. But the office job that she was working at for the last two decades wasn't quite the one that she remembered. There were some strangers in the building, and to her greatest surprise, the name tag on her office door was not hers at all.

After the first confusion, Leina wandered around the building thinking that maybe she went to the wrong floor or something, but she said that it wasn't her mistake - the name tag actually was different on the very same door.

Yet, her work ID, her credit cards and her driver's licence were correct, which made her believe that she might have some health issues that confused her that much. This led her to take a day off from work and visit a doctor. She was tested for any drugs that may have caused the strange events, but she was clear of any. The tests showed no drugs or alcohol was used by Leina.

When the Spanish lady checked her bills and personal files, everything seemed fine and right, so she started to believe that she might have amnesia. She then searched for the news of the past few weeks and days, but she noticed that she remembered each and every day correctly, at least for the most part.

Leina had an ex-boyfriend and a guy she'd been dating for a few weeks, and she decided to call him. But when dialling his number, another person picked up, and told her that there was nobody in the house with the name and characteristics of the man she was looking for. She also found out that she never broke up with her „ex” boyfriend.

Despite all the strange events, she went to work again, without showing any signs of confusion to the world around her. Yet, she was very confused inside, and even supposed that she had a mental breakdown, so she went to a psychiatric clinic.

Lenia was told that she was healthy both mentally and physically, and that her troubles might be due to stress, and it was all probably hallucinations that made her confused.

Well, this all was way more than what Lenia thought she could deal with, but then things got ever more difficult to believe. When meeting her family, Lenia asked about her sister's shoulder surgery But she didn't have any surgeries, let alone a shoulder surgery, so the family started suspecting that perhaps there was something wrong with Lenia.

Lenia then noticed many small differences between her life and her suspected other life in that other universe. These included some blog posts that she didn't remember writing, or clothes in her home that she didn't remember buying. Also, some posts and e-mail were lost.

Without any other reasonable explanation, Lenia started to believe that she somehow slipped into a parallel universe when falling asleep that night, and woke up in our universe.

And one thing actually is really interesting: Lenia had no troubles with memories before that july night, and there were no additional „strange alternations” afterwards either. So, according to her, it wasn't an ongoing trouble with her brain, which makes the whole story so unique and puzzling.

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May 15, 2021