How intelligent you are, based on your zodiac sign

The twelve signs of the zodiac are all different and have qualities that set them apart in many ways. As stated by Culture Astrology, their qualities are heavily influenced by the element they belong to (Air, Water, Fire, and Earth) and their ruling planet. This can predict everything from one's romantic compatibility with other signs to their finances and health. But, when it comes to intellectual capacity and problem-solving, which are the zodiac signs that stand out from the crowd? Continue reading to find out how smart are you, according to your sun sign!

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Aries is a Fire sign, known for its quick thinking, heightened intuition, and its brilliant and sudden bursts of inspiration. Aries is quite intelligent and thanks to their sharp wits and problem-solving skills, these people can be very helpful to others. However, despite being highly intelligent, this sign has a tendency to be impulsive and spontaneous, so sometimes Aries can jump to the wrong conclusions.


Taurus is an Earth sign that's blessed with practical, down-to-earth wisdom and great common sense. Taureans might lack imagination, but they are great learners who excel at finding practical solutions to everyday problems and learning facts. They're slow thinkers, especially when it comes to making a huge decision, but that's not because they lack intelligence. On the contrary, Taureans are very smart, have a lot of common sense, and are extremely difficult to manipulate.


As an Air sign, Gemini is known for its logical thinking and ability to view and analyze situations from different angles before making a decision. They're fast-thinking individuals who are usually great at multitasking. They're clever, curious and love to learn and acquire knowledge and new skills. Gifted with great speaking skills, Geminis are also very well-informed and will have the answers to all of your questions.

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Cancer belongs to the element of Water, which means that people born under this sign base their decisions in life on emotions. Cancer is known for its ability to absorb information, its instincts and for its excellent memory. Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, so they can tune into situations and are easily affected by the energies of other people. However, Cancer lacks objectivity, so these individuals can be unfair and biased at times.


Much like all Fire signs, Leo is highly intelligent, intuitive, proud, and extremely confident. These people are natural charmers who love to be the center of attention and are self-centered and vain sometimes, but they can also be warm-hearted, generous, loyal, and sweet. They're independent thinkers and born leaders who are able to perform under pressure and are not afraid to take risks.


As an Earth sign ruled by Mercury, Virgo is methodical, analytical, and critical, but most of all they're very good with numbers. Therefore, Virgo is considered to be the maths genius of the zodiac. Thanks to their practical intelligence and their quick and logical thinking, Virgo is one of the biggest problem-solvers of all signs.

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Libra belongs to the element of Air and has a great intellect. Libras are charming and graceful, but they're also very smart and kind individuals who are able to sacrifice their own happiness in order to make other people feel better. They're smart, cautious and all about balance and harmony and have a habit of weighing all the pros and cons before coming to any conclusion.


Scorpio is a Water sign that has amazing mental strength! It's practically impossible to fool a Scorpio because of their perceptual intelligence and ability to understand things that other people can't see. Scorpios are highly intuitive and can pick up on information other people don't see, so this can come across as intimidating to others.


As a typical Fire sign, Sagittarius is level-headed, curious, and intelligent. These broad-minded people are able to see the big picture and always think carefully before they act. Sagittarius is the philosopher and the explorer of the zodiac who thinks logically and has the powerful ability to separate their emotions from certain situations. They're open to everything and aren't afraid to take risks in life.

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This Earth sign has a systematic and orderly way of thinking and getting through tough times. Capricorn is an overthinker who has clear goals and always strives to make smart decisions. They're too slow and cautious and will consider all consequences before they begin something or make a decision, so sometimes they simply miss the boat. However, Capricorn never gives up, even when they make a mistake, they learn from it and never make the same mistake again.


Aquarius is an Air sign, considered to be a genius! These intellectuals are able to maintain a cool head and think clearly in a difficult or stressful situation which makes it easier for them to find a solution. They're original, inventive, and broad-minded, so they're accepting of ideas from others than themselves. However, Aquarius will never believe something until they've seen evidence backing it up.


Much like the other Water signs, Pisces is sensitive, emotional, and incredibly smart. People born under the sign of Pisces are intuitive and emotionally intelligent, so they're able to understand others and detect when something is wrong. Pisces possess high levels of intelligence and creativity, even though sometimes they can get too caught up in their own imagination.

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