How to "test" your emotional intelligence

IQ-tests are relatively an accurate tool for measuring intelligence, however EQ (emotional quotient) as important it is in the many facets of life is harder to measure. Here are 10 characteristics that are traits of higher EQ.

EQ - emotional quotient

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People with high emotional intelligence are often able to fully immerse themselves in their situation based on the other person's metacommunication and spoken words, so they can guess almost exactly what the other person is feeling. They also often notice, when someone has an internal struggle but is afraid to or does not want to say.

It is important for them to treat others in a caring, polite way, even if this is not always reciprocated by their company. They always use "thank you" and "please" in a timely manner, and of course, as soon as they realize they may have hurt someone, they're not hesitant to apologize and to offer help to alleviate the vexation.

It is also a characteristic feature of people with high emotional intelligence that when they are beseeched with an important request, they are reluctant to say no - perhaps even if they know they are more or less "overwhelmed" by fulfilling the request. Although their helpfulness seems limitless, they do better if they learn to make no greater obligations than is acceptable for them in the long run.

While they mostly get along well with people, they can sometimes feel more comfortable doing work alone, perhaps engaging in their favorite leisure activity. Of course, who could fault them - when they often push themselves into the background in the company of people?

They also strive for perfection, and not only to give their all for others but also because they don't accept less. They are good at recognizing the tiniest of faults and often do not rest until they are able to complete a task to the best of their abilities.

Since they think through all the circumstances and possible consequences, not forgetting the effects of their decisions on others, they may be defined by a lengthy process that precedes their decisions in everyday life as well as in long-lasting choices, which may have a profound effect on their lives.

People with high EQ tend to love serenity and long for quiet, constant noise, or even sudden deafening sounds can quite discourage them.

It can also be observed that most of them have a unique way of thinking and seeing, and they are likely to happily engage in some kind of creative activity.

Not only creative creativity but essentially any work of art can "ensare" people with high emotional intelligence, may it be music, film, a book, or some kind of painting. These can evoke strong emotions from them, in the case of a film or book for example they can almost completely identify with the characters and their problems.

Another characteristic is that they usually pay attention to the small charms of the world around them, and through it are able to fully recharge and be in a good mood.

May 2020