Here are 5 winter wonderlands

Travel destinations for those who can't get enough of winter

Not everyone loves winter, but those who do can’t get enough of its wonders. For them, a trip to a glacier or a frozen waterfall is clearly a better and more enjoyable kind of activity than spending a whole summer burning on a beach or sipping drinks beside a pool. So, what are some of the best winter adventures in the world?

Northern light

Aurora borealis, one of the most majestic winter sights (Photo: / Pexels

1. Ice festival, Harbin city, China

Asian festivals are unique – they all have their one-of-a-kind atmospheres, and in a way, it’s almost like as if they had souls. The ice festival of Harbin city is really wonderful too, and it has all of the fun and beautiful activities of wintertime. The biggest attraction is ice sculpting, but then there are dog sledges, snow sculptures and lanterns to lighten up your mood.

2. Kirkjufell, Iceland

Iceland is full of natural wonders, but there are some places there that are even more spectacular than others. One of these is Kirkjufell, which is a unique-shaped mountain that gets covered with pure white snow in the winter just to look as it it was in the middle of Tolkien’s Middle Earth. It’s near a lovely town called Grundarfjör?ur,, which also worth a visit.

3. Perito Moreno glacier, Argentina

Argentina has some fantastic variety of natural places, and if you’ve had enough of the mountains and plain lands as well, why not visit the wonderful Perito Moreno glacier? It’s rightfully popular among tourists for its exceptional beauty, and if you like caves you may also want to explore the one that’s right near the glacier.

4. Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is a wonderful sight throughout the whole year, but those who love winter will obviously prefer the winter looks of the mountainous landscape and the lake that sits right in the heart of it. And this is not all! There’s a little island, called Bled Island, where there are some picturesque buildings, among them a church, which is still a very popular wedding host today. There are even some places around where you can do winter sports.

5. Svalbard, Norway

Norway is one of the best places to visit if you’re in love with winter, and those who are really driven to take a closer glimpse at the true face of winter may especially love Svalbard, which is a small mining town found somewhere between the 74th and the 81st parallel. You can even experience the Polar Night in the first half of the winter, when the sun doesn’t rise, but the sky is usually glowing in mysterious colors thanks to the northern lights, also called aurora borealis.

Anita D.

October 2019