Funny and emotional reactions to Christmas gifts

Giving the perfect Christmas gift is not always easy, and sometimes the reactions can be quite honest enough to make us laugh. Even though these reactions are usually not what the one who gave the present would expect, they can be undoubtedly funny. There are also times when the reactions are more touching and emotional than we could expect, which can bring tears to our eyes along with the discreet smiles on our faces.

Smiling horse

Christmas is a holiday of emotions (Photo: / Alexas_Fotos)

Christmas is a time when some people can suddenly feel many kinds of emotions: they may feel happy, touched, disappointed, surprised, peaceful, or actually in a rush. Christmas can have many faces, but there are very few people who can stay indifferent about the holiday.

Here we collected some videos for you that show how emotional, or in fact, how happy or funny the celebration of this holiday can be for some. But be prepared to laugh out loud while seeing the funny videos, or to shed some tears while watching the emotional moments recorded on tape!

Animals can have rather funny reactions to the new items they discover - many of them are unsure of what to think about their brand new present. Even though they may not even know that it's a gift that they got, it can be really funny to watch them discover their presents.

Kids are honest, and they tend to show their emotions without a second thought, and this is why they make us smile so frequently. Although it's really not a nice thing to trick the kids with the Christmas presents, we can't deny that some of these videos are pretty funny.

There are some heart-melting videos on the internet about receiving puppies and kittens as Christmas gifts. Even though it's not a good idea to give someone a live animal as a present, if you know that someone is ready to take care of an animal and is committed to its welfare, you could make his/her life richer with a new best friend.

December 2019