Five incredible coffee habits from three continents

Every day, millions start their day with a freshly brewed espresso or an instant coffee. Many people are a big fan of this drink that it has become an important part of many cultures over the centuries, and it is part of the daily routine of millions. It is not in vain as it has significant positive physiological effects besides its characteristic smell and taste. Many people make it in many different ways. Here are five places from around the world, where people consume this drink in ways you may not have thought of.


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Vietnam, if you love a creamy coffee

Drinking coffee in Vietnam is a substitute for a smaller meal. The traditionally Vietnamese egg coffee, or Ca Phe Trung, is made with added egg white (sometimes it is dissolved in whiskey), condescended milk, butter and goat cheese. Combining these ingredients in a coffee sounds creamy and sweet, and finaly the unique drink has a special taste, and in fact, it is almost a dessert. It is important to keep the drink warm, so the cup is served in a glass of hot water.

Ethiopia, coffee with salt and butter?

In the home of coffee, drinking beverage is still imaginable as a kind of ceremony. Fresh coffee beans are roasted just before consumption, then ground and finally made into Buna, or how we say it espresso. This coffee making operation takes about two hours, so we are not talking about an ordinary fast espresso when you rush to work at the morning. Nowadays, some people in Ethiopia drink coffee with sugar, but originally it was consumed with added salt and butter.

The spicy magic of Morocco

In Morocco, special spices are used to flavor coffee as well as food. To intensify the flavor of the drink, it is often made with spices such as sesame seeds, black pepper or nutmeg.

Woman drink a cup of coffee

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The different spice mixtures are added to the ground coffee to make a succulent drink.

Have you ever tried your coffee with a slice of lemon? Then you are not Italian

In Italy, many cafés serve espresso with a slice of lemon. The reason of this surprising serving mode is that the sour taste of the lemon emphasizes the aromas of coffee. They rub the rim of the cup with the fruit, and only after this gesture they begin to drink the coffee. Apart from this special habit, Italians drink their short espresso with milk in the morning, and by itself in the afternoon and evening.

Coffee from a spit-up in Taiwan

Most people have heard in their lives about the civet coffee, which made from coffee beans consumed by cats in Indonesian forests. Well another exotic animal has developed an unusual coffee habit on the island of Taiwan. Formosan macaque monkeys eat the coffee berries, but they spit out the seed which they are unable to digest. These spit beans are collected by local people to make an unique coffee drink, which are said to have a distinct vanilla flavour.

Donát Novák

February 2020