Adorable tree houses in the nature

Most children dream of a cozy tree house, but for some people, this dream remains well and alive even in their adult years - and to some lucky others, it becomes reality. Whether it be a lovely tree house in the woods, a secret shed in the nature or a habitable home, even those can envy the owners these little buildings who never felt especially enthusiastic about tree houses!

Tree house

Tree houses provide a unique experience by making it possible for us to stay close to the crowns of the trees (Photo: / maxmann)

Tea house among the crowns of the trees

This forest house is almost entirely made of wood, and this way it almost "blends into" the natural landscape. But when designing the building, its creators kept one more principle in mind: the house had to be ideal for giving place to traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. During these traditional ceremonies, people drink their teas kneeling, not sitting, on the ground. Keeping this in mind, the designers of the tree house covered the floors with a soft material, which makes is comfortable to kneel even for longer periods of time. Below is another harmonious level, on which a neat and carefully tended zen garden is found. Sipping a cup of refreshing green tea in this adorable little house while listening to the wind rustling in the leaves, or the birds singing on the branches must be a perfect way of relaxation!

Lovely shed in the nature

The designers of this tiny tree house made sure that every little detail of the house would fit accurately and in perfect harmony into the nature that surrounds it, and to make it even more "green", they reused second-hand materials to assemble the building.

Though the building is really tiny, the precise planning and construction made it possible to have all the necessary rooms and space - there is, for example, an elevated bedroom, with which they saved quite an amount of space. It's also remarkable how properly the decorations fit into the whole interior. While the house in itself is amazing, the breathtaking landscape makes it even more marvelous.

Spheres among the branches

These perfect little spheres may seem a bit odd at the first glimpse, and contrary to the houses mentioned above, these do not blend in the forest with their almost unnaturally regular shape. But the hanging bedrooms - found in British Columbia - still look quite spectacular among the narrow tree trunks and in the shade of the green leaves, and they are clean and neat on the inside. The interior is modern and minimalist, and the room the spheres provide is ideal for accommodating one of two people at a time. Beside enjoying the beautiful landscape and the calmness of the forest, thanks to the built-in speakers, guest can also listen to music, if they wish to.

The giant tree house of Crossville

The world's hugest tree house can be found in Crossville, Tennessee. The enormous building is 30 meters tall, and six separate trees are needed to support the structure properly. In one of the eighteen (!) rooms, there is a basketball hoop - but on Sundays, there used to be regular church services. The tree house can no longer be visited, because authorities found that the more and more frequently visited building does not meet the fire safety regulations, thus can't be operated legally. Despite a petition that had been signed by several hundreds of people, the lack of money needed for the renovation means it might never be able to receive visitors - and as years go by, the world's biggest tree house is silently decaying.

Anita Diós

June 2018