A woman was surprised to find herself in "a parallel universe"


There are several strange stories of people allegedly disappearing without any reasons or explanations, or suddenly appearing seemingly from nowhere. Could it be and evidence to the existence of parallel universes? Well, no matter how unlikely it may sound, there are some who believe it is.


Some believe that people can somehow accidentaly "travel" from one universe to another... (Photo: pixabay.com / Trandoshan)


One of the odd stories said to have happened is the sudden appearance of a Spanish lady called Lenia Barcía, who woke up one day to realize that her life is at once full of mysteries and questions awaiting to be answered. Although a mental illness or hallucinations could explain why the woman experienced the surrounding world so strange and unfamiliar, she started to believe in something more mystical.


The whole thing started as one day, when waking up, the woman realized that many things in her Madrid home had changed. The fact that there seemed to be minor changes in the furniture and other objects - such as the blanket on the bed - was not even comparable to the striking discovery that her boyfriend is nowhere to be found.


As Lenia asked her friends about his missing boyfriend, she had to face one more upsetting thing - that is, none of them even knew about the man whom she described to them, and nor did the police, once the woman reported the missing person. She decided to call his boyfriend, but no matter how hard she tried to find his phone number, she couldn't find it anywhere despite being sure she had it before.

Lenia started to worry about her mental health, and so visited a psychiatrist, who concluded it was most likely that the woman had hallucinations due to stress. Although skeptical about the diagnosis, she had no better explanation by that time, and accepted the doctor's words until she experienced some more surprises.

One of these was the find that - contrary to what Lenia believed - her sibling did not undergo an operation in the previous months. Actually, not anytime in the past either, as it turned out... What more, when she went to work, she was told that she works at another department, and when Lenia met her boss, she wasn't able to recognize him.

After all, the basic things remained the same, which means that her personal documents, address and driving license were all accurate. Lenia speculated that she somehow got here from another universe - one, that is almost like ours, but still has some smaller differences.

Anita Diós

July 2018