10 popular foods and drinks that can help you to lose weight

In that time of the year, when we can feel the approach of the summer, the warmth and sunshine, and also feel the pass of the winter time, there is an increasing need for us to show our slimmer side to the world. However, in some cases we do not have enough free capacity to change our purposes to habits due to our job, lack of energy and free time. Nonetheless, sometimes it is a big help to achieve our goals if we take a little consciousness or innovation to our daily routine. In case we take care of what we eat, the act of eating can also be helpful for us in losing weight. Here is a list about ten popular foods and drinks that you may not have known, but that can help to reach the positive change.

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The delicious avocado not only grants the feeling of satiety, but also decreases the cholesterol level, and the vitamins and essential fatty acids it contains greatly accelerate the metabolism and fat burning, too. The avocado, which is called as the fruit of youth, is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins B, C, E and A.

This fruit is the primary source of the glutathione that also helps your body to break down the excess fat with the effect of increasing liver activity, namely the liver is one of the organs that can regulate the speed of fat burning.

Olive and olive oil

Olive and olive oil are very important sources of the essential fats that increase metabolism and because of this, you can calmly consume them with moderation. The unsaturated fatty acids of the olive oil are not only accelerating the digestion but they help to burn fat, too. Several studies show those people who consume these types of fats regularly, weigh at least five kilograms less than those who completely eliminate fats from their diet, or consume only unhealthy, saturated and animal fats.


Not only can the determined fans of caffeine drink coffee, as one cup of this famous dark drink, which is so delicious for many, contains a lot of chemical compounds that are important in the perspective of care your health. The minerals, which can be found in coffee, maintain the memory, increase the ability to concentrate and solve tasks, and reduce the risk of developing illnesses such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. And the most important fact in addition to all of these is that coffee helps to normalise the body weight by accelerating the metabolism and increasing its efficiency.

Green tea

The positive effect on digestion of the green tea is known since ancient times. Contrary to the popular belief the component of green tea that helps slimming is not the caffeine, but the polyphenols and the antioxidant catechin, which accelerates the metabolism and is also burning fat and bad cholesterols. The fat burning progress due to the thermogenic attributions of green tea, which enhance the metabolic processes by elevating the temperature of body.


The consuming of chilli pepper, just like other hot spices such as black pepper, curry or ginger, stimulates the body to produce extra adrenaline that increases the speed of metabolic functions up to 25% more, and the burning of fat can be more effective. Besides of this, the chilli can reduces appetite, so you can feel more satiated after meal. We have to mention that eating chilli pepper helps the produce of digestive enzymes too. The active ingredient of this hot spice, which is feared by many, the capsaicin causes an extra burning of calories in the following twenty minutes after the eating.


The special fatty acids contained by salmon are not only important for saving the health of the hearth, but they also help to build muscles and prevent the bad fats to subside as shape of abdominal overweight. In case the body has more muscles it uses as more energy to burn fat, so in fact more muscles means bigger weight loss.

And besides of this the light pink colour of salmon is caused by the chemical molecule called astaxanthin, which can significantly decrease the levels of inflammatory proteins in blood, also the inflammation in the body system, with its regular consumption. The salmon is rich in Omega fatty acids that increase the activity of immune system and the genetic corrector mechanisms, and in this way, it keeps the body young.


Nowadays the quinoa is becoming more popular due to its neutral taste and many beneficial effects. The consumption of this grain helps to clean the digestive system and maintain its functions, detoxify and it alleviates hunger very well for a long time. Quinoa contains much more protein and fiber, but less carbohydrates than most of the cereals. This is very important, because both of them helps to reduce appetite thus makes the diet easier. This grain has another useful benefit that is it contains lots of complex B vitamins, which are the essential conditions of the healthy metabolism. Quinoa also contains phosphorus, which are used to build the DNA by the body system, and other minerals that are necessary for cell regeneration such as magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc and iron.


We can occasionally eat full-fat cheeses, because researches certify that those who often eat full-fat cheeses in small portions lose weight easier. The secret behind the scenes is that the cheeses contains linoleic acid, which stimulates fat burning and helps muscle building, and this acid presents in a larger quantity in fatty cheeses than in the low-fat ones.

Several comprehensive studies have shown that linoleic acid results in a modest weight loss in case of humans by fat burning. The parmesan cheese has a very intensive taste which helps to alleviate appetite, and a small amount of that is enough for a day to help you to stick to your diet easier.


The lemon fruit helps to clean the digestive system and the liver, and the consumption of it also helps to accelerate the metabolism. The key of the fat burning effect of the lemon is its acidity, because the citric acid of the fruit interacts with the other acids and enzymes of the digestive system after it got in. In this way if you drink a glass of lemon water at the morning with an empty stomatch you can help the digestion of your own body in a natural way, and the high level of fibers is also an important benefit of it. The vitamins, minerals and acids which the fruit contains support the breaking down processes of fat, so the eating or drinking of lemon can increase the burning of fat. Researchers have manifested that due to the high level of acids which the lemon contains, it can decrease the absorption of the carbohydrates of the consumed meal. For a fact the pectin that can be found also in the fruit mixed with water become jelly-like and increases the stomach saturation and reduces the feeling of hunger.


The characteristic aroma and taste of the ginger is coming from the gingerol, saogaol and zingeron which it contains, and these materials can effectively increase the digestion, decrease the inflammations that formed in the digestive system which can slow down the metabolism. This well known spice has also thermogenic attributions so it can raise the body temperature and in this way it accelerates the metabolism. The ginger helps to hold the feeling of satiety, thus decreases the quantity of consumed calories, and like the chilli the ginger it also helps to burn the already consumed calories and reduces the amount of inner fat. If you use this spice for your food or drinks regularly it also helps to decrease the side effects of high cholesterol level.

Donát Novák

March 2020