What does the color of your room tell about you?

When you take a glimpse of somebody's home, you may be able to figure out many traits of the person living there - from the way the floors are decorated, from the presence or absence of plants, books, animals or little figures, and even from the type and design of the furniture.

How does music affect your health?

Although there are individual differences among the preferred genres, the way we find pleasure in listening to music is a common trait in most of us.

These two herbs are not only useful, but also decorative

While many of the most common herbs have a rather humble appearance, others can be used as ornamental plants in the rooms, gardens or on the balconies thanks to their wonderful flowers. Below we introduce two lovely herbs that you can easily grow at home!

The harder side of milk

Most of us drink milk on a daily basis, and though it's no surprise that this wonderful and nutrient-dense fluid can be a useful ingredient for making a huge variety of foods, it might be more of a surprise that it can also be turned into hard objects, such as billiard balls, pens or buttons...

Eggs might chirp - and this is why

Witnessing eggs hatching is one of the most memorable and beautiful things we can see in our lives, but even before the little birds or reptiles make their ways out of the shell to breathe the fresh air for the first time, they provide quite a few wonders. One of these is their squeaking and chirping that can be heard only when we take a really close look at the eggs.